Throw Back Thursday - Star Wars Underoos Edition

This is as bad as it gets. Someone I went to high school with posted this. As the song started, I realized I remembered it. And knew most of the lyrics. I scare me.

Poor guy…. That must have been pretty deep!

Poor guy…. That must have been pretty deep!


Phase 1: Dry rubbed for 24 hours then cooked in smoker for 4. Complete

Phase 2 (aka, the really not healthy phase): Slathered in brown sugar, honey, butter, and packeted with a cup of apple juice, now cooking for another hour+

Phase 3: Baste, sauce, and cook for 20 more minutes, coming soon.

Holy shit I’m bored. There’s nothing on TV, I don’t feel like working on projects, wife is asleep because she has to be out way early tomorrow morning for work thing, social media is so quiet that I almost scrolled through my AZBado twitter feed (which I haven’t done in ages).

Tomorrow (Sunday) I do get to cook baby backs on the smoker though! The wife invited her coworkers that flew in for a conference to come over for some cookin’ and she volunteered me (which I’m totally cool with). Haven’t done the ribs for a while so I’m excited to have them.

Truthful Tuesday - Piece of Tape Edition

I’ve been carrying a piece of packing tape, folded into a square, in my back right pocket since the summer of 1986. Yes, that says 1986 (Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Six). Not a piece that gets switched out, but the same piece of tape.

It started out as a joke; me trying to be funny/weird. I girl I worked with (just a friend) was in the break room with me and there was a roll of packing tape on the table. She folded it into this square piece and said “Here, a present!”. So of course I said “Oh wow! I’ll keep it with me always!” She then said “You’d better! I’ll check on it!” and told me I owe her some amount of money if I got caught without it.

So it became a game. I wasn’t going to let her randomly go “Still have the tape?” and not have it.

Then, it became routine (and I’m a creature of habit that hates change). I started keeping it in my pocket, and just got used to doing it. Long after either of us stopped working there, I still carried it.

It became my lucky charm and I always kept it.

Sometime in the late 80’s early 90’s, I ran into her at the mall. We got caught up with each other then said goodbye. As I was walking away, I said “OH, hey! You forgot to ask!” and pulled the tape out of my pocket. She started laughing and was like “Are you serious?”

She “yelled” at me and called me a dork sometime in the 00’s when my wife and I met up with her and her husband for lunch when the four of us all managed to be in L.A. at the same time.

I’ve misplaced it once or twice over the years, but I’ve always found it and put it back in its rightful spot.


This was damn funny!