FUCK YEAH! I miss these!

FUCK YEAH! I miss these!

A Few Tuesday Bullets

  • I’ve been staying up way too late this week. Like 3 to 4am. I’m usually on a vampire schedule anyway, but i need to stop this
  • There’s a guy in our office building that’s a shy bathroomer. If he walks into the bathroom while someone else is in there, he turns around and leaves and goes to the one the other floor. if someone’s in there, he goes back to his office. If I see him walk by our suite and go into the bathroom, and stay, i like to be a dick and wait enough time for him to start then I walk in and probably give him major anxiety
  • I accidently killed a gecko the other night. I felt horrible. It was on our stoop and I didn’t see it. Went to let the dog out, took a step, and felt something squish and splatter. Looked down and saw it. I still feel bad. I don’t mind killing scorpions and spiders and other bugs, but I like geckos. I apologized to the little corpse
  •  I need to figure out a way to pay down our credit card a little faster. It was paid off completely, then life happened and now it’s at more than I’m comfortable with.
  • That’s all for now. Party on.

Not even kidding

Today, on the day of record setting rainfall in Phoenix (which stopped at around 11am), my coworker got home from work and found his genius neighbor outside watering the plants….

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The person in the upper left has four arms?

The person in the upper left has four arms?

Power Outage?

I just got an alert from my power company stating that the massive power outage is expected to be fixed 2 hours from now. They listed the zone affected. It’s about 2+ miles wide and 1+ miles down. My house is smack dab in the middle of it.

I’m currently typing this in my home office, on my desktop computer, with my office light on. So I’m wondering what power outage am I in the middle of?

Either someone secretly hooked a generator up to my house, or the affected area isn’t quiiiiiiite what they listed.  

I feel like I should turn every light and electrical item on just to flaunt it.

Occasionally it does rain in Phoenix. And when it does, all hell breaks loose. This is because we have no drainage. Significant rain is so infrequent here that drainage is not built like it is in most areas.

Last night at around midnight-ish, it started raining heavily. It never stopped. We all awoke this morning to reports of massive flooding and freeway closures.

The above picture is from the I-10 East, into Phoenix. The news report online where I snagged the image from stated that these drivers tried to drive through it at around 4am.  Good call, idiots. We have people that drive through washes and areas they think are ok, every time it rains. So many that Phoenix actually has what’s literally called The Stupid Motorist Law.

The accompanying news report also stated not to drive through these, and not to drown. Kinda sad they have to tell people not to fucking drown!

Two deer caused a traffic delay on the Golden Gate Bridge